Spanish & Latin American Languages, Literatures & Cultures at GW

Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world and the voice of more than two-dozen cultures, ranging from Morocco through Chile to the Philippines. Because Spain was the first European nation to colonize the American continent, its culture has been in a complex dialogue with the Native American civilizations for over 500 years. In the last century and a half, Hispanic American countries –from Argentina to Colombia and from Cuba to Mexico—have established distinctive literatures and cultures in their own right. Spanish is also the second language of the United States and influences the way of life in the entire country.

Spanish and Latin American Language and Literatures at GW offers a full range of courses, from beginning language to advanced literature and culture. The makeup of our Spanish faculty and the variety of their scholarly interests and course offerings are a fitting representation of the diversity of the Spanish-speaking experience from the Middle Ages and the early modern period to the literary production of the early 21st century: the relationship between literature and ideology in 20th century Spain and Latin America, the voices of Spanish-American women, Afro-Latin American contemporary authors, Spanish and Latin-American drama, poetry, novel, short-fiction, and film. Students with different degrees of linguistic skill will find, among our offerings, one or more courses that fulfill their needs or awaken their interests, from acquiring basic linguistic proficiency through polishing Spanish as a spoken and written language to declaring a minor or major in Spanish. GW students may, if they so choose, may spend a summer, a semester, or a year living and studying in a Spanish-speaking country. Those who minor or major in Spanish are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester studying in a program abroad.




Spanish Contacts

Interim Director of Spanish & Latin American Literature
Manuel Cuellar

Director of Spanish Language Program
Professor Victor Valdivia
[email protected]

Coordinator of Spanish 1012 and 1014
Professor Carola Goldenberg
[email protected]

Coordinator of Spanish 1013
Professor Allison Caras
[email protected]

Coordinator of Spanish 2005
Professor Alicia Suárez-Touzón
[email protected]

Coordinator of Spanish 2006
Professor Alicia Suárez-Touzón
[email protected]

Major and Minor / Study Abroad Advising
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