Spanish & Latin American Languages, Literatures & Cultures at GW

Ruins: Monte Albán, Oaxaca


The Department of RGSLL offers a liberal arts major in Spanish and Latin American Language and Literatures designed to engage students in the study and production of knowledge about the languages, literatures, and cultures of Spain and the Americas while also sharpening their analytical and communicating skills. Students are encouraged to complement their courses for the major with related coursework in other literatures as well as in history, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, musicology, theater, architecture and various other subject areas in the humanities.  The Department also offers a minor in Spanish, which boasts a rich offering of courses in language, linguistics, literature, and culture. Those who major or minor in Spanish are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.

 In addition to providing a dynamic entry into the humanities, the major and minor can serve as the basis for graduate or professional study in numerous fields. Our seminars allow for the kind of intensive student/teacher interaction that prepares students for meaningful careers, including governance, international affairs, law, journalism, medicine, and business. 




Spanish Contacts

Interim Director of Spanish & Latin American Literature
Manuel Cuellar
Director of Spanish Language Program
Coordinator of Spanish 1012
Tania Leyva
Coordinator of Spanish 1013
Coordinator of Spanish 1014
Coordinator of Spanish 2005
Professor Alicia Suárez-Touzón
Coordinator of Spanish 2006
Professor Alicia Suárez-Touzón
Study Abroad Advising Language Courses
Tania Leyva A - I 
Ariadna Pichs J - Q 
Major and Minor / Study Abroad Advising
Literature Courses: