French Language and Literature

France plays a major economic and political role in the world, and the influence of French culture extends far beyond its borders. A truly international language, French is spoken in fifty-three countries by nearly 200 million speakers. An education in French offers an incomparable advantage to students interested in diverse fields, including literature, history, philosophy, cinema, politics, international relations, business, and beyond.

Students are expected to complete the three-year language sequence or equivalent before beginning their course of study for the French major.

  • FREN 3100W, the gateway course to the major, introduces students to the discipline and gives them the methodological tools to discuss and write analytically about a variety of texts.
  • FREN 3010W-3020, mid-division language courses, focus on further developing students writing and oral skills in French.
  • FREN 3210-3220,  mid-division literature and culture courses and other designated 3000-level courses deepen students’ understanding of genres, major authors, and literary history and contexts.
  • Upper-division (4000-level) courses offer students the opportunity to analyze and discuss literary texts and cultural phenomena through the lens of a broad range of critical and theoretical perspectives. In these most advanced courses, students develop their critical voice by reading scholarly criticism alongside literary texts.
  • The yearlong Senior proseminar emphasizes research and writing methodologies and culminates in a senior research essay. Students are expected to choose a research topic by the end of the Fall semester of their senior year in consultation with an adviser.

RGSLL Now Using Electronic Waitlists for French Levels 1001 - 2006

For students needing to get into closed sections of FREN 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 2005, and 2006, RGSLL is now using an electronic waitlist. The waitlist is a little confusing, so it is very important that you read the instructions carefully before you attempt to register. You can find the instructions here

French Contacts

Director of French Language

D. Bradford Marshal

Director of French Literature

Kathryn Kleppinger