A thorough knowledge of French language and Francophone cultures can be an asset in our increasingly global society. GW’s French program seeks to promote an understanding of different cultures as profoundly interconnected through courses focused on literature, film, visual arts, music, history, theater, popular culture and creative writing. Students may choose from a Bachelor of Arts and minor in French.

GW and Washington, D.C., are ideal locations for learning about French and Francophone cultures. From French film screenings to concerts and plays at the French Embassy and presentations on French art at the Smithsonian, opportunities abound. Alumni of GW’s French program have applied their skills to careers in journalism, education, politics, publishing, law and business.




French Embassy Centers of Excellence


GW's French Program is part of the Centre d'Excellence network supported by the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France. Through the partnership with the Embassy, the French Program seeks to promote French and Francophone culture and to foster dialogue and exchange among scholars and students of French language, culture and society. 


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"Being a French major has given me a unique appreciation for the value of literature as both beautiful art and as a tool for understanding French society at a given time period. Never did I think I'd be able to learn about the social critiques of French society from 17th century fairy tales or how comedy in the Middle Ages reflected values about hierarchy and knighthood."

Madeleine Pye
BA '19, French and International Affairs


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