BA in Spanish & Latin American Languages, Literatures & Cultures


Students listening and sitting in an Anthropology of Latin America course


The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Latin American Languages, Literatures and Cultures is designed to engage students in the language and cultures of Spain and the Americas while sharpening their analytical and communicating skills.

We encourage students in the major to complement their studies with related coursework in other literatures as well as in history, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, musicology, theater, architecture and various other subject areas in the humanities. Study abroad is strongly recommended as well.



Departmental Honors in Spanish

Students interested in earning special honors in Spanish and Latin American Languages, Literatures and Cultures to be noted on their transcript must meet all requirements:

  • Meet GW’s general special honors requirements.
  • Graduate with a GPA of 3.0 overall and 3.75 in classes for the major.
  • Complete an honors thesis no later than the spring semester of senior year.


Course Requirements

Prerequisite courses: SPAN 1001, 1002 (or 1012), 1003, 1004 (or 1034), 2005

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs.

The major-specific curriculum.

Major requirements
SPAN 2006Advanced Spanish II
or SPAN 2026 Advanced Spanish for Heritage Learners
or SPAN 2056 Intensive Advanced Spanish
or SPAN 2156 Intensive Advanced Spanish for Heritage Learners
SPAN 2500The Spanish-Speaking World: Spain, Latin America, and the United States
SPAN 3100WTexts and Contexts of the Spanish-Speaking World
SPAN 4910WSenior Seminar (required of all Spanish majors in the fall semester of the senior year)
Two courses (6 credits) selected from the following:
SPAN 3500Medieval Iberia in the Modern World
SPAN 3510Heresy and the Other in Early Modern Iberia
SPAN 3520Decolonizing the Empire: Colonial Latin America
SPAN 3530Enlightenment Spain
SPAN 3600Special Topics
SPAN 4510Cervantes Don Quixote
Four courses (12 credits) selected from the following. With the approval of the major advisor, two of these courses may be taken outside the program.
SPAN 3200Bilingualism in the Spanish-Speaking World
SPAN 3400Theatre of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 3410Latin American Short Fiction
SPAN 3420The Essay in Spain and Latin America
SPAN 3430Afro-Latin America in the Diaspora
SPAN 3440Caribbean Literature and Culture
SPAN 3540Major Authors of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 3550Queer Latin America
SPAN 3570Women Writers of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 3650Literature and Dictatorship
SPAN 3700Cinema of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 4200Spanish Applied Linguistics
SPAN 4410Contemporary Narrative in Latin America
SPAN 4450Mexican Literature and Culture
SPAN 4460Southern Cone Literature and Culture
SPAN 4480Studies in Latinx Cultural Production
SPAN 4520Experimental Literature
SPAN 4540The Myth of the Two Spains
SPAN 45501898 to 1998: Spain's First Century without Empire
SPAN 4560Modern Poetry of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 4600Special Topics
SPAN 4650Literary Translation
SPAN 4700Film as Text in Latin America
SPAN 4800Independent Study
Excluding courses taught at GW Study Centers abroad, no more than four courses taken abroad or at another institution may count toward the major.