French Courses

Links to Descriptions of Language Courses

FREN 1001 - Basic French I (1st Year)
FREN 1002 - Basic French II (1st Year)
FREN 1003 - Intermediate French I (2nd Year)
FREN 1004 - Intermediate French II (2nd Year)
FREN 2005 - Language, Culture, and Society I (3rd Year)
FREN 2006 - Language, Culture, and Society II (3rd Year)
FREN 3010W - Advanced French Grammar and Style (4th Year)
FREN 3020 - Contemporary France (4th Year)

Links to Descriptions of Literature Courses

Please note that not all literature courses are taught every semester. For up-to-date scheduling information, see our semester offerings on the appropriate tab.

3000-level courses are designed to introduce students to literary analysis and major trends in French literary history. 4000-level courses are advanced in-depth explorations of specific topics and build upon prior coursework. It is strongly recommended that students take 3000-level courses before continuing on to the 4000 level. 

FREN 3100W - Introduction to French Literature
FREN 3210 - Medieval and Early Modern French Literature
FREN 3220 - Modern French Literature
FREN 3290 - Textual Analysis
FREN 3300 - French & Francophone Literatures & Cultures in Translation (In English)
FREN 3400 - Studies in Genre
FREN 3520 - The Age of Classicism
FREN 3530 - The Age of Enlightenment
FREN 3550 - Studies in 20th-Century French Literature
FREN 3560 - Topics in Contemporary Francophone Literature and Cinema
FREN 3600 - Special Topics in French Literature
FREN 3700 - History of French Cinema
FREN 4135 - Folger Seminar: Early Modern Culture & History of the Book
FREN 4470 - Writing Women
FREN 4500 - Studies in Medieval French Literature
FREN 4510 - French Literature of the Renaissance
FREN 4540 - 19th-Century French Literature and Culture
FREN 4600 - Special Topics in French Literature
FREN 4700 - Race Matters: Literature, Culture, and Identity in Contemporary France
FREN 4910 - Proseminar I
FREN 4920W - Proseminar II


Miscellaneous Courses

FREN 0801 - Dean's Seminar
FREN 1099/3099 - Variable Topics
FREN 4800 - Independent Study