Heather Bamford

Heather Bamford

Assistant Professor of Spanish Literature
Address: Phillips Hall
Phone: 202-994-6966


Heather Bamford studies and teaches the literatures and cultures of medieval and early modern Iberia. She earned her B.A. in Spanish at the University of Pennsylvania and her Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures at the University of California, Berkeley. Her current book project examines medieval and modern uses of fragmentary manuscripts. The book argues that the fragment serves as a critical mode for understanding the reading and non-reading aspects of medieval and sixteenth-century Iberian book culture and the academic, heritage oriented, and commodity-driven aspects of the culture that surrounds Iberian manuscripts in the present. Locating the fragment in five major Iberian literary traditions, including the romance kharjas, Latin and Castilian epic, mester de clerecía works, chivalric romance, and Morisco literature, the book proposes that while some fragments came about by accident, many were created on purpose, for different uses. Heather is currently working on essays on notions of fragmentariness and incompleteness in Latin and Castilian epics and book collecting.


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