Yvonne Captain

Yvonne Captain
Associate Professor of Latin American Literature & Film and International Affairs
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Professor Captain teaches courses related to Latin America and International Affairs at George Washington University. She is an expert on the African Diaspora, and South-South relations, particularly between Latin America and Africa. As a cultural and intellectual historian, Professor Captain considers the ways in which the past impinges on the present. This includes the whole of Latin American letters, and with specific emphasis on the thought processes of the most gifted writers and thinkers of Afro-Latin America. She and two colleagues are completing an edited volume on African migration in the twenty-first century. Her latest project examines African surnames in the Americas, and is a multi-year, collaborative effort with colleagues in Brazil and Colombia. She publishes, interviews, and lectures widely on the subjects of South-South relations, and the African Diaspora. Professor Captain received her Ph.D. from Stanford University and holds a Masters of International Policy and Practice at the university where she teaches.



  • Side-Gigs of the Literati: Humanitarianism at its Best. Revista Internacional de Cooperación y Desarrollo. 7(1).62-81 

  • (Spring 2015)  “Aída Cartagena-Portalatín: ¿intelectual entre iguales?” Afro-Hispanic Review Vol 34.1:  47-58

  • "International Organization (IO) Theory and Online Afro-Latin America" in "Afro-Digital Connections: Afro-Latino and Afro-Descendant Cultural Production in the Digital Age," Eduard Arriaga and Andrés Villar, eds. forthcoming with University of Florida Press

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Classes Taught

  • SPAN 3420: "The Essayistic Tradition in Latin America" 
  • SPAN 3430: "Afro-Latin America in the Diaspora"
  • SPAN 3440: “Caribbean Literature and Culture”
  • SPAN 3520: "Latin American Colonial Literature"
  • SPAN 4600: “Myth and Mythmaking in Latin America”
  • SPAN 4700: "Film as Text in Latin America"
  • SPAN 4910W: “Proseminar”