Richard Robin

Professor Richard Robin
Professor of Russian and International Affairs, Director of Russian Language
[email protected]

Dr. Robin received his Ph.D. in Slavic linguistics from the University of Michigan and has been at GW since 1981. His main area is methodology of Russian language teaching and technology in language teaching. He has co-authored a number of textbooks: Golosa: A Beginning Course in Russian (1993-2013), a proficiency-based program, Russian Listening Comprehension (1992), Political Russian (1991-2009), On the Air (1999), and Russian for Russians (1991-2006). He also coordinates distance-learning projects using authentic foreign-language materials on the Internet and serves as a senior researcher at the National Capital Language Resource Center. In Both GW and the field of Slavics have recognized Professor Robin with awards for teaching, materials, and technology (CCAS Distinguished Teacher-1987, Bender-2004, AATSEEL Best materials-2004, AATSEEL College Teacher of the Year 2006, MERLOT Best Language Website-2010).  R. Robin's Website


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