Noëlle Levy-Gires

Noelle Levy-Gires

Noëlle Levy-Gires

Teaching Assistant Professor of French


Columbian College of Arts & Sciences 801 22nd Street, NW, 513G Washington DC 20052

Dr. Noëlle Levy-Gires completed her Ph.D. in French Medieval Literature and Linguistics at La Sorbonne
University. In 2014, she moved to the United States. At GWU, she has taught different levels, from Fr1002 to Fr
4650. She’s also professionally trained in theatre practice and teaching. In her classes, she likes to use theatrical
improvisation exercises. She is also a film critic for the French magazine Culturopoing, for which she covered the
Cannes Film Festival last May. She just joined a research group on Queer in cinema and the visual arts.