Jocelyne Brant

Professor Jocelyne Brant

Jocelyne Brant

Assistant Professor of French (Retired)


Office Phone: (202) 994-9285

Professor Brant graduated from the University of Caen (Licence es lettres in English Language and literature and Licence es lettres in French Grammar and Philology) and did her graduate studies at the University of Bordeaux (CAPES and preparation to the Agrégation in 1976). She also received the CREDIF diploma from the Ecole Normale de St. Cloud, the Certificate of Proficiency (literature) from the University of Cambridge, the Certificate in Spanish Language from the School of Foreign Service in 1984 and the Diplôme d’Interprétariat et de Traduction from the State Department in 1990. She was awarded the prestigious Palmes Académiques by the French Minister of Education in 1996 and was appointed Executive Secretary for the Richelieu International, an association promoting the French language overseas. Professor Brant joined GWU in 1997 after a career overseas that took her to 10 different countries in Africa and Latin America for the French Ministry of Education and has been the Coordinator of the French Language Program since 1999. Her research focuses on pedagogy and methodology with a special interest in new technological approaches. She also has a strong interest in etymology and the translation of Medieval and Renaissance texts. Recipient of the Bender Teaching Award in 2005.

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