German Language & Literature Major

The BA in German Language and Literature consists of FIVE core components:

1. Fourth-year Language Proficiency

Students must demonstrate 4th-year proficiency in German. This can be accomplished by taking courses in the four-year language sequence (GER 1001, GER 1002, GER 1003, GER 1004, GER 2009, GER 2010, GER 2109W, and GER 2110W), placing into the advanced level on the placement exam, or transferring credit from the Advanced Placement exam. Majors can also take the intensive track (GER 1005 and GER 1006), which cover GER 1001 - GER 1004 in only two semesters.

2. Introductory German Literature and Culture (6 credit hours)

Students must take two of the following: GER 2091 / GER 2092 (Introduction to German Literature) or GER 2161 / GER 2162 (German Culture).

3. German Literature and Culture in English (6 credit hours)

Students must take two of the following: GER 2161, GER 2162 (if not taken above), GER 2165, GER 3181, GER 3182, GER 3183, GER 3184, or GER 3185. Note: you may also use GER 2111 (4th year Business German) to satisfy three of the required credit hours in this component.

4. German Literature and Culture in German (12 credit hours)

Students must take four of the following: GER 4171, GER 4172, GER 4173, GER 4174, or GER 4175.

5. Columbian College Requirements

Students must complete all major requirements for the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. Depending on the student's year, these will either be the General Curriculum Requirements (GCRs) or General Education: Perspective, Analysis, and Communication (G-PACs). Please consult with your advisor to confirm whether you must satisfy the GCR or G-PAC requirements. 

Major and Minor Advising

Margaret Gonglewski and Mary Beth Stein are the German advisors. Please note that our advisors do not teach over the summer. It is important that you make any appointments before the end of the spring semester, or instead wait until the start of the fall.