Spring Courses

Language Courses, Spring 2021

FREN 1001 - Basic French I (1st Year)
FREN 1002 - Basic French II (1st Year)
FREN 1003 - Intermediate French I (2nd Year)
FREN 1004 - Intermediate French II (2nd Year)
FREN 2005 - Language, Culture, and Society I (3rd Year)
FREN 2006 - Language, Culture, and Society II (3rd Year)

Literature & Advanced Courses, Spring 2021

FREN 3010W: Advanced French Language, Structure and Composition
Prof. Sarah-Kay Hurst
MW 2:20-3:35
How did English words like le week-end end up in French? Why do words like forêt and fête have an accent? Why do we pay attention in English but faire attention in French? Why do the words vingt and doigt have an unpronounced “g” in them? In this course, you will refine your French by integrating notions from linguistics, improving your written and spoken French through new perspectives into the language itself. You will have myriad opportunities to strengthen your writing skills for different personal and professional contexts, and we will explore notions such as register, borrowings, idiomatic expressions, and stylistic variation between French and English. 

Prerequisite: Fren 2006
NOTE: The registrar's office page is currently saying that this course is only open to undergraduate French majors. THIS IS INCORRECT. The class is open to all who have satisfied the prerequisite.

FREN 3020: Contemporary France
Prof. Kathryn Kleppinger
TR 9:35-10:50
What has made France the country it is today?
To answer this question in all its complexity, we will undertake a historical and thematic approach to understand the major events, debates, and questions that have faced French politicians, writers, and citizens over the past century. We will consult political sources (speeches, declarations, and manifestos), literature (novels and eye-witness accounts), and cultural documents (newspaper articles, songs, films) to understand the varying perspectives and arguments that have shaped French politics, culture, and identity throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.  During the first half of the semester we will consider the important events in French history throughout the 20th century, from the turn of the century through World War II and the wars of decolonization. Then, during the second half of the semester, we will undertake thematic studies to understand the recent impact of these events. Topics include: immigration and the colonial past, France as a nation and as part of Europe, and contemporary social identities.
Prerequisite: Fren 2006

FREN 3100W: Introduction to French Literature
Prof. Pauline Goul
MW 9:35-10:50
This course is an introduction to French literature and the gateway to the French Minor and Major. We will read closely a broad selection of texts from different genres (poetry, prose, theater) and historical periods (from the Renaissance to the 21st century), and learn how to read and write analytically about literature in its cultural context using different techniques and methodologies of textual analysis. Beyond learning a method and discipline for literary analysis, our readings and discussions aim to deepen your appreciation for French literature.
Prerequisite: Fren 2006

FREN 3220: Modern French Literature
Prof. Abdourahman Waberi
TR: 11:10-12:25
Dans ce cours nous étudierons des textes canoniques du 18e siècle jusqu’à nos jours, en considérant leurs contextes historiques, sociaux, et culturels. Ces œuvres partagent une interrogation sur la nature des rapports entre les hommes : quelles structures sociales sont possibles, et quel est l’impact de ces structures sur des individus ? Les sources littéraires peuvent contribuer des perspectives nuancées à un débat qui reste pertinent même aujourd’hui. Ce cours vise à développer vos capacités en plusieurs domaines : historique, littéraire, et sociologique. Vous apprendrez à identifier des thèmes communs à la littérature française au cours des 18e, 19e, 20e et 21e siècles et aussi à lire plus profondément pour apprécier les aspects artistiques des œuvres.
Prerequisite : Fren 3100W

FREN 3560: Topics in Contemporary Francophone Literature and Cinema
Prof. Abdourahman Waberi
TR 12:45-2:00
In this course we will study important works of literature and film from a network of French-speaking countries that form a Francophone space. We will address the colonial past, as well as the anticolonial and postcolonial situations in which French colonialism is replaced by more complex relationships and ideologies. Special attention is paid to language and the role of the artist/writer, in elaborating a postcolonial national identity. we will learn how to think and write critically and analytically about Francophone cultural production (such as novels, film, rap) and what it can teach us about ourselves (as global citizens) and our societies.

Prerequisite : Fren 3100W

FREN 4510: Monsters and Prodigies of Renaissance France
Prof. Pauline Goul
MW 12:45-2:00
Today, the word “monster” evokes zombies, vampires or werewolves, but one needs to dive into early modernity to understand the variety of monsters and quality of wonder, now relegated to the realm of childhood. Close your eyes and get back to a world in which the simple matter of whether a creature existed or not was of secondary importance, and medical treatises and natural history books were filled with reports of a sea monk or a child with the face of a frog. The monster challenges and disrupts the norms and values of a given society. What, then, did monsters really say about the collective imagination of French society and its relationship with the other - be it the New World, the Orient, or people of different ethnicities? What did people fear the most at that time, and why? In this class, we will use Ambroise Paré’s Des monstres et prodiges as a thread to study the various ways in which monsters were created, visualized, understood and categorized in scientific thought. Readings from medical treatises, natural history, travel narratives, cosmographies and novels will help us narrow down the distinction made in the Renaissance between human and nonhuman monsters, between the normative body and the differently abled body.

Prerequisite : Fren 3100W