The Spanish Language Program

¡Bienvenido al Programa de Español!

Hispanic Population in the U.S. 1970-2050

Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world, and the second language of the United States, influencing the way of life in the entire country. The development of Spanish linguistic and cultural ability will allow you to engage with Spanish-speaking peoples here and abroad. It will also prepare you to be a global citizen, and understand local and global events from multiple perspectives.

From our Elementary courses, you will be exposed to Spanish not as a skill, but as an essential element of Spanish speakers’ thought processes, perceptions, and self-expressions. Through the program, you will learn to value Spanish as a language intrinsically tied to cultural, social, political, and historical elements of many Spanish-speaking societies, including the US. Our goal is to make you a capable interlocutor in a language that is shared by more than two-dozen, very diverse countries and cultures, by exposing you to a curriculum where you will achieve language proficiency while acquiring critical content knowledge. This linguistic ability and cultural knowledge will be of enormous benefit for you both in everyday interactions with your community and in your chosen career.

Program Director and Coordinators

Prof. Víctor Valdivia.
Assistant Instructor of Spanish. Director of the Spanish Language Program