Russian Study Abroad & Transfer Credit

Note: There is no study abroad or transfer advising during summer or winter break

The Study Abroad Credit Approval Process

Here at RGSLL, we believe that one of the best ways to learn a language is to spend time in countries where the language is spoken. GW is fortunate enough to have partnerships with international programs in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, and Spain, as well as other Romance, Germanic and Slavic speaking countries around the world. Here is an easy step-by-step guide to help walk you through the study abroad credit approval process.

1. Choose a course: The first step is finding the program and course you want to take. One great resource is the Study Abroad Office's "Where Can I Go?" page. You can also make an appointment with the advisors in the Study Abroad Office, or our own study abroad advisors here in the department.

2. Assemble the paperwork: Once you have chosen a course, you must obtain a syllabus. If you absolutely cannot find a syllabus, then you'll need as detailed a course description as possible. You will also need to download and fill out the Course Approval Request Form.

3. Meet with your respective language's study abroad advisor: All study abroad courses must be pre-approved before you go abroad. At your appointment, bring the syllabus and the Course Approval Request Form. Your advisor will talk to you about the course and make sure it is the correct one for you to take. If everything is in order, they will sign off on the course as pre-approved. Please see to the right for information on your language's advisor.

4. Register for the study abroad program: Once you have pre-approval, you may enroll in the course. Note: In the past, students have sometimes felt the need to change the course they originally intended to take after they arrive at the study abroad program. If for any reason you need to change to another course, you need to contact your advisor immediately to make sure the new course will transfer.

5. Transferring credit: After you return to GW, you will need to make another appointment with your study abroad advisor. Bring the syllabus and Course Approval Request Form once more. Your advisor will now sign off on the course as approved, and you can bring the completed form to the Study Abroad Office.

Transfer Credit from Other U.S. Institutions

The process for receiving transfer credit from other U.S. institutions is nearly identical to the one we use for study abroad credit. The advisors are the same. The major differences are that you will need a Petition to Transfer Credit Form (available in your Dean's Office), and the completed paperwork will go to your Dean rather than the Study Abroad Office.

NOTE: Transfer credit is approved provided that the course you want to take covers (approximately) the same topics at the same level of difficulty of the equivalent course at GW. It is unusual for courses at two-year institutions, such as community colleges, or distance learning courses, such as online classes, to match with our courses. Again, check with your transfer credit advisor before enrolling to make sure that you will get credit.

Study Abroad Advisors - SLAV

Important Note:  Many of our advisors do not teach during the summer sessions. Because these faculty are the only ones who can approve courses, please plan ahead to make an appointment before the spring semester ends.

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