Minor in Russian Language and Literature

The minor in Russian Language and Literature consists of TWO core components:

1. Third-year Language Proficiency
Students must demonstrate 3rd-year proficiency in Russian. This can be accomplished by taking courses in the three-year language sequence (SLAV 1001,SLAV 1002SLAV 1003SLAV 1004SLAV 2005, and SLAV 2006 ), placing into the advanced level on the placement exam, or transferring credit from the Advanced Placement exam. Minors can also take the intensive track(SLAV 1012 and SLAV 1034 ), which cover SLAV 1001 - SLAV 1004 in only two semesters. Minors wishing to focus more on reading skills may also substitute Readings in the Russian Press (SLAV 2015 and SLAV 2016) for SLAV 2006.

2. Russian Literature, Cinema, and/or Culture in English (12 credit hours)
Students must take four of the following: SLAV 1391 (19th Century Russian Literature, pt. 1), SLAV 1392 (19th Century Russian Literature, pt. 2), SLAV 2361(Russian Culture, pt. 1), / SLAV 2362 (Russian Culture, pt. 2), SLAV 2365, (Modern Russian Literature, pt. 1), SLAV 2366 (Modern Russian Literature, pt. 2), SLAV 2785 (Russian Cinema, pt 1), SLAV 2786 (Russian Cinema, pt 2), SLAV 2471, (19th Century Prose taught in Russian) SLAV 2472 (19th Century Poetry taught in Russian), SLAV 2473, (20th Century Prose taught in Russian), SLAV 2474 (20th Century Poetry taught in Russian), SLAV 4595 (Special Topics).

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 38 credits in required courses.

Required courses:
One of the following options:
Option A:
SLAV 1001First-Year Russian I
SLAV 1002First-Year Russian II
SLAV 1003Second-Year Russian I
SLAV 1004Second-Year Russian II
Option B
SLAV 1012Intensive Basic Russian I
SLAV 1034Intensive Basic Russian II
And also:
SLAV 2005
SLAV 2006
Intermediate Russian I
and Intermediate Russian I
And four courses from the following:
SLAV 1391Introduction to Russian Literature I
SLAV 1392Introduction to Russian Literature II
SLAV 2361Russian Culture
SLAV 2362Russian Culture
SLAV 2365Twentieth-Century Russian Literature to World War II
SLAV 2366Russian Literature from World War II to the Present
SLAV 2471Nineteenth-Century Russian Prose
SLAV 2472Nineteenth-Century Russian Poetry
SLAV 247320th-Century Russian Prose
SLAV 2474Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry
SLAV 2785Introduction to Russian Cinema I
SLAV 2786Introduction to Russian Cinema II

Russian Major and Minor Advising

The department's Russian advisors are Richard Robin, Galina Shatalina and Peter Rollberg . Please note that our advisors do not teach over the summer. It is important that you make any appointments before the end of the spring semester, or wait until the start of the fall.