Natalia Fici

Lecturer in Italian
Address: Phillips Hall


 Natalia Z. Fici was born in Italy where she received her Masters degree in Education from the Università degli Studi di Palermo. While pursuing her studies, Natalia worked as an Italian teacher, an entertainment and cultural affairs television host, an event coordinator, a fashion and interior designer, and a pharmaceutical sales representative. In 2005, she embraced the opportunity to challenge herself by accepting a position to teach Italian grammar and conversation for both the Departments of Modern Languages and Architecture and Planning at The Catholic University of America. She enhances the language skills of her students through a holistic approach that includes the use of technology and social media. Prior to joining The George Washington University in 2009, Natalia taught Italian grammar and conversation at Gonzaga College High School, also in Washington, D.C. With over a decade of experience teaching Italian, Natalia takes great pride in seeing her students become fluent in Italian language and culture.

Office Hours

M-W-F by appointment

Classes Taught

Fall 2016

By appointment Mon - Wed