Italian Study Abroad & Transfer Credit

Study Abroad in Italy

In the Italian Program, we believe that one of the best ways to learn Italian is to spend time in Italy. GW students can study in pre-approved programs in various cities throughout Italy, including in the major urban centers Milan, Florence, and Rome, as well as in other important historical cities like Siena, Perugia, Ferrara, and Bologna. Students can also petition for approval of a specific program in a different location.

We are happy to advise students on the program that will best meet their needs.  For students who are already enrolled in Italian courses at GW, we strongly encourage you to discuss your study abroad plans with us so that we can ensure that the courses you take abroad will fit into your overall curricular plan for Italian study at GW.

For logistical questions regarding application to study abroad programs and credit transfer upon reentry to GW, please contact the Office of Study Abroad ( 

Transfer Credit from Other U.S. Institutions

Transfer credit for courses in Italian taken at other U.S. institutions may be available if the course covers (approximately) the same topics at the same level of difficulty as the equivalent course at GW. It is unusual for courses at two-year institutions, such as community colleges, or distance learning courses, such as online classes, to match with our courses. Check with your advisor for more information. We are also happy to answer any questions.


Study Abroad Advisors - ITAL

Important Note:  Many of our advisors do not teach during the summer sessions. Because these faculty are the only ones who can approve courses, please plan ahead to make an appointment before the spring semester ends.

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