French Placement, Credit, and Waiver Exams

The French Placement Exam

If you are taking your first French course at GW, you must take the placement exam unless you have never had any exposure to French. Heritage speakers - those who speak the language at home but have no formal training - must also take the exam. (See below if you received a score of 5 or higher on an AP or IB French exam.)

NOTE: You must take the placement exam prior to your registration, and only register for the course into which you place. Students without proper placement will be removed from their classes. Please also note that the Placemt exam is for PLACEMENT only. It does not give you credit for courses or waive the Elliott School proficiency requirement.

The French Placement exam is available online. You should only take the exam once! Please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of French Language, Prof. Marshall.

1. Go to BYU's French page for GW (but read all steps below before logging in!).
2. Enter the GW password: colonials1
3. You will be granted access to the site. Select "French" as the language and click "Begin."
4. The next screen is a student survey. Complete all the fields including your student ID and e-mail address.
IMPORTANT: Please use your email address AND your GWID number beginning with "G..". (If you are not currently a GW student, please leave the GWID field blank.)
Once you have created a profile you will be given access to the exam.
5. As you take the exam, there may be infrequent cases when the screen will not immediately advance to the next question. If this occurs, simply resubmit your answer. This should resolve the problem.
6. After answering the last question, click "submit." This completes the exam. Please do not forget to PRINT your results!

    If you scored below a 600, you should register for the corresponding course level to your score. You should see this information on your screen.
    If you scored above a 600, please register for FREN 3100, FREN 3010W or FREN 3210.  Students are encouraged to register for FREN 3100 as this is the pre-requisite for all other upper-level courses.
    Heritage speakers (those who speak the language but have little to no formal training) should call to schedule an oral interview regardless of score.
    You must register for the course level into which you were placed, or you will be asked to leave the class.

Concerned about your placement result?

On the first day of class, there will be a short diagnostic to verify your placement. After you have attended class, if you feel that your placement is incorrect, please contact Prof. Marshall. You cannot change levels without approval from the Director of the French Language program.

College Credit Exams

There are a variety of exams available for high school students to gain college credit before they enroll. Currently, GW accepts the Advanced Placement (AP) exam and the International Baccalaureate (IB) exam.

  •     Advanced Placement Exam:

    The College Board offers an Advanced Placement exam in French Language. Credit for the AP exam is available depending on the score. Please see the GW Admissions website for the latest information.

  •     International Baccalaureate Exam:

    The International Baccalaureate Organization offers several French exams at the HL and SL levels. Credit for IB exams is available depending on the score and the exam. Please see the GW Admissions website for the latest information.

At this time, GW does not accept credit for the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) or SAT exams, but the score may help us determine your level. Feel free to contact Prof. Marshall with any questions.

Waiver Exams

The Elliott School of International Affairs offers an exam for students who wish to test out of their 3rd-year language proficiency requirement.  RGSLL no longer offers this exam.

You must register in advance to take the waiver exam by emailing the Elliott School.

The waiver exam is used specifically for Elliott School undergraduates trying to waive their proficiency requirements. Please also note that this exam merely waives the requirement. Students will not receive French credit hours for passing the waiver exam.