Simone Seym

Professorial Lecturer
Address: Phillips Hall
[email protected]


Dr. Seym, a native German, received her Ph.D. in German Literature, Philosophy, and Medieval Arts at the KIT in Germany and her D.E.A. in Performing- and Cinematic Arts at the Sorbonne in Paris. Following her appointment as DAAD Lecturer and Visiting Assistant Professor in Japan, where Dr. Seym lectured at the International Institute for Advanced Studies, IIAS, in Kyoto, she taught and pursued postdoctoral research at the University in Mannheim, Germany, with a DAAD-grant, and was an Associate Scholar with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the GACVS in Washington, D.C., and then worked with a TLTSI-Grant at Georgetown University’s Graduate School’s Communication, Culture & Technology Department.

Dr. Seym taught at the Universities of Mannheim, Mainz, Bayreuth and Hildesheim in Germany, and represented the head of the German Department at the University of Wisconsin, UWP on sabbatical for one academic year. In Fall 2019 she joined the Faculty of George Washington University’s Columbian College of Arts and Sciences with an assignment to the Department of Romance, German & Slavic Languages & Literatures as Professorial Lecturer, and joined GWU’s Global Women's Institute as Affiliated Faculty.

Dr. Seym’s expertise is in German and European Cultural Studies, especially German and European literature, film, and theatre, Bertolt Brecht, Ariane Mnouchkine and the Théâtre du Soleil. She is trained in the new media, and the author of two books, about Ariane Mnouchkine and a textbook for German Studies.

Dr. Seym also serves as a DAAD Research Ambassador and is since 2018 also a Climate Reality Leader. In Spring 2014 Dr. Seym planned, organized and convened the Symposium Sustainability and the Humanities, with Keynote speaker Professor Wulf Daseking, the former City Planner of Freiburg, the Sustainable City of Europe, Professor at the University of Freiburg, Germany and UCL, University London - Bartlett School, United Kingdom.


Current Research

Simone Seym’s most recent research is about Sustainability, Literature & the Performing Arts, and Drama-Based Pedagogy at the intersection of Global Discourse and Peacebuilding.




  • Stories of Escape and Arriving: Refuge - Refugees - Refugium. Geschichten vom Fliehen und Ankommen (forthcoming)
  • Trilogie des Erinnerns. In: TRANS-LIT2, Vol. XXV, Nr. 1, Spring 2019
  • Climate Change is real – Klimawandel ist real.  In: TRANS-LIT2, Vol. XXIV, Nr. 2, Fall 2018
  • PAX - Einladung zum Frieden. In: TRANS-LIT2, Vol. XXIV, Nr. 1, Spring 2018
  • Wir leben. Gedichte. In: Trans-Lit2, Vol.XXIII, Nr. 2, Fall 2017
  • Sustainability and the Humanities. 2014 OPID Conference, Mindful Teaching: Inquiry, Connection, Sustainability and Creativity, Roundtable Presentation, UMW Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, 2014
  • Sustainability in the Language Classroom. Roundtable Presentation, ACTFL 2014
  • The Globalized Criminal Tale of Human Trafficking in Drama and Performance. Ariane Mnouchkine and the Théâtre du Soleil, Le Dernier Caravansérail – Odyssées. MLA Boston, Trafficking: Bodies, Cargoes, Texts; Script, 2013
  • Schönes Baden-Württemberg. Deutschlands bezaubernder Südwesten. Language and Culture. University textbook for German Elementary Level, Tokyo: Daisan Shobo, co-authored with Taigen Kaneda, 1996
  • Das Théâtre du Soleil: Ariane Mnouchkines Ästhetik des Theaters, Stuttgart: Metzler 1992
  • Hinter Weissen Schleiern. Hyakuin, Göttingen : Graphicum, co-authored with Carl Heinz Kurz, 1991
  • An Ufern Hin. Herbst Kasen, Ed., Göttingen : Zum Halben Bogen (=RaB/48), 1991
  • Brechtsche Techniken in der Dramaturgie und Regie Oscar Castros, Institut d'Études Théâtrales, I.E.T., Paris, 1985
  • Eine Adaption von Diderots "Brief über die Blinden" für die Bühne. Deutsch/französisches Projekt am Theater in Essen von David Esric, Paris : I.E.T., 1984



  • Award of the National Library of Poetry, Munich, published in the Millennium Edition for best German poems of the 20th century, 2001
  • Georgetown University’s Center for Social Justice, Research, Teaching & Service, Research Grant, 2003
  • TLTSI Follow-up Grant, CNDLS, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Georgetown University’s Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) awarded me with the Teaching, Learning and Technology Summer Institute’s TLTSI- Follow-up Grant for my research in German and European E-Literature, 2002  
  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, German-American Center for Visiting Scholars, GACVS, Associate Scholar, Washington, D.C., 2000-01
  • German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 1996-97 
  • Grant in support of outstanding doctoral scholarship, Geschwister Ingelheim Foundation, Ingelheim/Rhein, 1992 
  • Postgraduate Scholarship of the University Fridericiana zu Karlsruhe, KIT, Germany, 1986-89 




Classes Taught

GER 1001, GER 1003