Customizing your Keyboard

If you don't like any of the keyboard layouts currently available, you can make your own. Download Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator, MSKLC 1.4.

  1. If you are running Vista, skip this step and go to Step 2. Download and install MS .NET 2.0.
  2. Download and install MSKLC 1.4
  3. Run MSKLC.
  4. File => Load existing keyboard. Find the keyboard you want to modify. When done, File => Save Source File As. This will create an intermediate .klc file (not the final keyboared file). Pay attention to where you are saving.
  5. Project => Build DLL and Setup package - MSKLC creates the DLL and installation package. Pay attention to where this file is being saved. It will be in a sub-folder of the place where you saved the .klc file from Step 4.
  6. Find the setup file in the sub-folder that was created it Step 5. Run setup. Then enjoy your new keyboard. If your new keyboard doesn't show up immediately. Go to Control Panel / Regional and Language Options - Languages tab - Details button. Uninstall the keyboard in question and then reinstall it.