Continuing Spanish at GW

What can I take after SPAN 1011 or 1012?

  • SPAN 1013 Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits)

Development of intermediate functional and communicative proficiency in Spanish. Focus on the development of listening and speaking skills, reading and writing abilities, and intercultural competence.
Prerequisite: SPAN 1011 or SPAN 1012

You can alternatively take

  • SPAN 1034  Intensive Intermediate Spanish (6 credits)
    Equivalent to SPAN 1013– SPAN 1014

What can I take after SPAN 1014 (or 1034)?

  • SPAN 2005  Advanced Spanish Language and Cultures I (3 credits)

Development of advanced Spanish proficiency, with a focus on argumentative speaking and writing. Development of cross-cultural competence and analysis of historical, social, and cultural practices and perspectives of Spanish-speaking societies.
Prerequisite: SPAN 1014 or SPAN 1034

You can take instead

  • SPAN 2056 Intensive Advanced Spanish (6 credits)
    Equivalent to Span 2005–SPAN 2006

What can I take after SPAN 2006 (or 2056)?

  • SPAN 3010W  Advanced Spanish Writing (3 credits)

Designed to develop academic writing skills within the fields of Spanish and Latin American literature and culture. Students read and discuss literary and media texts while analyzing essential features and themes of Spanish/Hispanic cultures. Cultural and literary topics are used as basis for process-writing assignments (production, correction, revision). Students develop a writing portfolio. Prof. Ariadna Pichs

  • SPAN 3022 Advanced Oral Proficiency: Environmental and Social Sustainability in Latin America (3 credits)

Development of advanced Spanish oral proficiency, critical content knowledge, terminology and concepts through content-based course work in the areas of environmental and social sustainability in Latin America. Critical evaluation of key environmental and social aspects of sustainability as related to Spanish-speaking countries. Focus on understanding and interpretation of language- and discipline-specific written and oral materials such as film and documentary, news, academic, literary and public media texts. Prof. María J. de la Fuente

  • SPAN 3040 Advanced Spanish Service-Learning (3 credits)

Advanced oral and written work through community engagement, with consideration of social change and reflection on civic engagement, leadership, and service. Students work on local community service projects. Prof. Dolores Perillán

  • SPAN 3100 Readings in Spanish and Latin American Literature (3 credits)

Readings, textual analysis, and writing on a broad selection of texts from different genres and periods. Hispanic literatures in their cultural contexts. Introduction to methods of literary analysis and criticism. Profs. Waisman, Britt, Bamford


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G-PAC Credit

If you are in the Columbian College SPAN 2005 counts for GPAC Humanities, and Global Cross/Cultural Perspectives

WID Credit

If you are in the Columbian College SPAN3010W will give you 3 credits toward your Writing in the Disciplines requirement

Cross Disciplines

SPAN3022 is part of GWU Sustainability Minor (Track B)