Alicia Suárez-Touzón

Professor Alicia Suarez-Touzon
Sabbatical AY 2022-23 Teaching Instructor of Spanish
[email protected]

Alicia Suárez Touzón completed her M. A. in Spanish Second Language Learning and Teaching at the University of La Rioja, Spain. Before starting as an Instructor in the Spanish Language Program at the George Washington University in 2012, she taught at The World Bank in Washington, DC. From 2010 to 2012, she worked as a language instructor of French and Spanish at the World Bank and the European Union in Kampala, Uganda.  Her principal areas of interests are content based curriculum development and innovative approaches to assessment language instruction.



Classes Taught

Intensive Elementary Spanish (SPAN 1012)
Intermediate Spanish I (SPAN 1013)
Intermediate Spanish II (SPAN 1014)
Intensive Intermediate Spanish (SPAN 1034)
Advanced Spanish I (SPAN 2005)
Advanced Spanish II (SPAN 2006)
Intensive Advanced Spanish (SPAN 2056)