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Cultural Events and Activities: DC


1. Spain, Art & Culture presents:

-Literature: ‘One Hundred Miles from Manhattan’ by Guillermo Fesser (Sep 18, 6:00pm), at

Embassy of Spain, 2375 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.

Spanish TV/radio journalist Guillermo Fesser will be doing a free reading as part of the annual Fall for the Embassy of Spain.

-Film: 2014 DC Shorts Film Festival (Sep 11-21), at various venues in DC

Ten Spanish productions are featured in the largest short film event on the East Coast.

-Speechless (Sin Respuesta). Genre: Drama, 10’. Director: Miguel Parra. The job of a collections agent suddenly becomes personal and causes her to reevaluate the humanity in her profession.

-Good Air (Buenos Aires). Genre: Comedy, 12’. Director: Daniel Gil Suarez. Longing for his hometown of Buenos Aires, a man finds an unconventional way of counteracting his homesickness.

-Helsinki. Genre: Comedy, 15’. Director: Juan Manuel Beiro. Once a pair of lonely bartenders begins fantasizing about time travelers, they soon find themselves attempting to communicate with one.

-We Are Friends (Somos Amigos). Genre: Comedy, 12’. Director: Carlos Solano. Complications arise when a savvy businessman is mandated to fire his best friend.

-Therapy (Terapia). Director: Marc Nadal. Genre: Drama, 10’. A depressed widow finds the spark to carry on through her charming physical therapist.

-Stockholm (Estocolmo). Genre: Comedy, 8’. Director: Alvaro Martin. Writing a school report about your father’s occupation can be a challenge — especially when his work is disturbing.

2:43. Genre: Drama, 10’. Director: Hector Rull. Love, loss, fear and heartbreak through an answering machine.

-They Are The Last. Genre: Documentary, 4’. Director: Diego Vivanco. A day in the life of a lighthouse keeper on a remote cape off the Uruguayan coastline.

-España Is Different. Genre: Drama, 4’. Director: Salvador Guerra. The tables are turned when a boy discovers his bully isn’t quite the miscreant he appears to be.

*Students can explore cinema in Spanish language learn about social topics. (For students of all levels)


2. OAS/AMA presents:

-Exhibition: Small Guide to Homeownership, Photography by Alejandro Cartagena of Mexico (Apr 24-Oct 5) at AMA ׀ Art Museum of the Americas, 201 18th Street, NW 

Small Guide to Homeownership is a selection from Cartagena’s Mexicana Suburbia series, which considers the interdependence of humans and landscape in the face of urban expansion. (For students of all levels)

-Museum Exhibition: Femininity Beyond Archetypes (Jul 17-Oct 5)

Photography by Natalia Arias of Colombia highlights themes closely connected with OAS values through AMA’s mission to promote social impact through the arts and the Inter-American Commission of Women’s (CIM) work towards gender equality and the participation and leadership of women. (For students of all levels)

3. Gala Hispanic Theatre presents: 

Performing arts: 'Cancun' by Jordi Galceran (Sep 11-Oct 5, Thrus and Fri 8:00pm and Sat 2:00pm and 8:00pm, and Sun 2:00pm), at Gala Hispanic Theatre, 3333 14th St NW

By Jordi Galceran of Spain. Directed by José Zayas.

A story about what happens when a dream vacation turns into the life you could only imagine. Two vacationing couples reveal old secrets and … reality may not be as it appears. It is a hilarious and daring comedy about contemporary relationships. (In Spanish with English surtitles)

* Students can optimize of their preparation, feeding their knowledge and critical appreciation of cultural and social issues from a performance in Spanish. (Particularly, for students of advanced courses)

4. Teatro de la Luna presents:

From Asuncion Paraguay AB OVO presents Guachinton  (Sep 26, 7:30pm), at 1611 North Kenty St. “LL” Level, Arlington, VA 22209.

It is the most anticipated comedy musical show! Cheekiness and energy - without equal - in a presentation where humor says "I’m here!" Social and political reality is shared and sung to unchecked laughter. With the support of Arlington Cultural Affairs Division of Arlington Economic Development and Arlington Commission for the Arts. (Particularly, for students of advanced courses)


5. Mexican Cultural Institute presents:

-Film & Lecture: The Exceptional Cinematographer’s Films & Discussion with Gabriel Figueroa Jr. (Sep 10, 6:45pm), at the Mexican Cultural Institute, 2829 16th Street NW.

The Embassy of Mexico and The Televisa Foundation, in conjunction with the Mexican Cultural Institute, will present a number of events in conjunction with the exposition Gabriel Figueroa: Cinematographer: Great Moments in Mexico's Golden Age of Cinema. (For students of all levels, but particularly, for students of advanced courses)


Multiple Perspectives the cracy machine (Sep 18, 6:45pm). Documental 96 min. Emilio Maillé 2012

The Pearl (Oct 15, 6:45pm). Feature Film 87 min. Emilio El Indio Fernández 1945

Los olvidados (The Young and the damned) (Oct 3º, 6:45pm). Feature Film 85 min. Luis Buñuel, 1950

-Exhibition: Gabriel Figueroa, Cinematographer Great Moments in Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema (Sep 9- Nov 3) at the Mexican Cultural Institute.

From the early 1930s through the early 1980s, the Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa (1907-1997) helped forge an evocative and enduring image of Mexico. His films are an essential part of the network of appropriations, exchanges and reinterpretations that formed Mexican visual identity and visual culture in the mid-twentieth century and beyond.

* Students can optimize of their preparation, feeding their knowledge and critical appreciation of Mexican literature and culture by being exposed to the recreation of a cultural and historical context. (Particularly, for students of advanced courses)

- Culinary: The 2014 season of Mexican Table (all sessions 6:45pm) at the Mexican Cultural Institute. For more information on Patricia Jinich log on to or follow her on twitter @PatriciaJinich

Pati's Mexican Table: Yucatán: Mexico's Culinary Outlier on Oct. 9th, featuring a guest chef from the Yucatán! The season will end on with the "AfroMexico: African Influences in the Mexican Table" session, highlighting the richly diverse heritage of Veracruz on Dec. 4th.

*Students can learn about the Mexican cuisine popular culture. (For students of all levels).

-Opera: Bel  Canto Concert to Celebrate ‘Florencia en el Amazonas’ (Sep 9, 7:00pm at Mexican Cultual Institute; and Sep 20 -28 at Kennedy Center). (For students of all levels)

-Concert: Cuarteto Latinoamericano (Sep 11, 7:00pm at Mexican Cultual Institute). (For students of all levels)

-Concert: Mexico City Woodwind Quintet (Sep 24, 6:45pm at Mexican Cultual Institute). (For students of all levels)


6. National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution presents:

“Portraiture Now,” a series of exhibitions that showcase some of the most creative twenty-first-century portrait artists (Aug 22 through Apr 12), at the National Portrait Gallery, 8th and F Streets, NW.

It features the work of six contemporary U.S. Latino artists—David Antonio Cruz, Carlee Fernandez, María Martínez-Cañas, Rachelle Mozman, Karen Miranda Rivadeneira, and Michael Vasquez—who present identities theatrically, in order to rid portraiture of its reassuring tradition that fixes a person in space and time.(For students of all levels)


7. The IDB Cultural Center DC Film Premiere presents:

Film: Aluna (Sep 8, 6:30pm) at Enrique V. Iglesias Auditorium, 1330 New York Avenue NW at Metro Center.

The story of the Kogi people of Colombia and their journey to save the world. 2012, 83 mins., English subtitles, not rated. (For students of all levels)



8. Flight of the Butterflies 3D, presented by MÉXICOThis film is now playing at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, IMAX THEATERS. (Runtime: 44, 10:50-2:10, MPAA Rating: G).

The monarch butterfly is a true marvel of nature. Weighing less than a penny, it makes one of the longest migrations on Earth across a continent to a place it has never known. Follow the monarchs' perilous journey and experience millions of them in the remote mountain peaks of Mexico.


9. Group for free Spanish conversation, cultural exchange, and fun: The Washington DC Spanish Language Meetup Group.

*Students benefit from continuous informal interactions in Spanish (which are available for learners of all levels in the DC area).


10. Web portal: Spain is the official tourism portal in the United States. It offers important information that students need to know before traveling to Spain.


Spanish Now: Meetup Group

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