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Cultural Events and Activities: DC

1. Lisner Auditorium presents:

Todo Tango (May 3, 8:00pm), at Lisner Auditorium 730 21st Street NW.

DC Tango Festival presents Pan American Symphony's Tango, DC's premier Tango music spectacular. The most talented Tango musicians accompanied by an international cast of dancers fill the stage with drama and passion.

* Students can enjoy and learn about tango, one of the aspects of Argentinean popular culture (For students of all levels)

2. Spain, Art & Culture presents:

A curatorial project presenting a selection of twelve video art pieces that show how art can function as a symbolic act of resistance to face the amends of our society. (For students of all levels)

The 2014 Festival of New Spanish Cinema in Washington, D.C. presents some of the riskiest and most innovative Spanish films of the year. (For students of all levels)


Unit 7: Apr 3 at 7:30 pm with filmmaker Alberto Rodríguez in person; and Apr 5 at 9:45 pm.

  1. Operation E: Apr 4 at 7:30 pm.
  2. A Gun in Each Hand: Apr 4 at 9:45 pm.
  3. Peru Sabe. Cuisine as an Agent of Social Change: Apr 5 at 6:10 pm.
  4. 15 years and 1 day: Apr 5 at 7:45 pm. 2013 Oscar Submission for Best Foreign Language Film, Spain.
  5. People in Places: Apr 6 at 7:45 pm.
  6. Map: Apr 6 at 9:30 pm.

*Students can explore the Spanish cinema from social topics. (For students of all levels)

U.S. Premiere of the Spanish documentary directed by Alba González de Molina Soler and

Blanca Ordóñez de Tena. (For students of all levels)\

3. Mexican Cultural Institute presents:

  • -Lecture: Carmen Bobullosa-Mexico’s Extraordinary Women (Mar 26, 6:45pm), at Mexican Cultural Institute. (For advanced students)
  • -Lecture: Jaime Perales: “Octavio Paz and His Circle” (Mar 31, 6:45pm), at the Mexican Cultural Institute. (For advanced students)
  • -Redes Festival: PCE Book Club: John Steinbeck’s ‘Zapata’ (Apr 5, a0:30am), at the Mexican Cultural Institute. (For advanced students)
  • -Redes Festival: Conference: exploration of Mexico and Music (Apr 11, 6:00pm), at the Mcneir Hall Auditorium.  (For advanced of all students)
  • -Culinary: The 2014 season of Mexican Table (all sessions 6:45pm) at the Mexican Cultural Institute. For more information on Patricia Jinich log on to or follow her on twitter @PatriciaJinich
  • On Jun. 5th, Pati will present the engaging historical session True Fusion: Mexico of the 16th Century, followed by Yucatán: Mexico's Culinary Outlier on Oct. 9th, featuring a guest chef from the Yucatán! The season will end on with the "AfroMexico: African Influences in the Mexican Table" session, highlighting the richly diverse heritage of Veracruz on Dec. 4th.

*Students can learn about the Mexican cuisine popular culture. (For students of all levels)

4. Ibero-American Film, Showcase 2014 presents:

IberoAmerican Film Festival 2014 will be held at different Iberoamerican Embassies in the Washington DC area. There are a lot of awarded and remarkable films from our countries. They are free admission and with English subtitles.

-Guatemala: Donde nace el Sol  (Mar 26, 6:30), at the Embassy of Guatemala.

-Spain: Snow White/ Blancanieves ( Mar 27, 6:30pm), at the Embassy of Spain.

-Uruguay: Bad day to go fishing/Mal día para pescar (Mar 27, 6:30pm), at the Embassy of Uruguay.

*Students can explore the Spanish and Latin America cinema from social topics. (For students of all levels)

5. OAS/AMA presents:

-Exhibition: Territories and Subjectivities, Contemporary Art from Argentina (Apr 3-Jun 7, Mon-Fri 10:00am-5:00pm), at Art Museum of the Americas, 1889 F Street, NW (For students of all levels)

-Exhibition:  Retrato en Voz alta/ Portraits of Contemporary Mexican Artists by Allan Fis (Mar 6-May 23, Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm), at Art Museum of the Americas (For students of all levels)

6.  Gala Hispanic Theatre presents:

-La señorita de Tacna/ The Young Lady from Tacna (Feb 6-May 9, Thurs and Sat 8:00 pm; Sun 2:00 pm), at Gala Theatre, 3333 14th Street, NW.

By the internationally acclaimed Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa.

Directed by José Carrasquillo.

La senorita de Tacna is a moving and humorous portrait of a family and its secrets in which memories and the present are interwoven. (In Spanish with English surtitles)

* Students can optimize of their preparation, feeding their knowledge and critical appreciation of Latin American literature and culture by being exposed to the recreation of a cultural and historical context. (Particularly, for students of advanced courses)

7. Operación Impacto presents:

Documental and colloquium: “Niños de la memoria” (Apr 14, 6:00pm), at GWU Phillips 209. Kathryn Pyle, the producer, will be attending. This documental is about children who disappeared during the Salvadorian Civil War.  Food and refreshments will be served.

8. Flight of the Butterflies 3D, presented by MÉXICO. This film is now playing at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, IMAX THEATERS. (Runtime: 44, 10:50-2:10, MPAA Rating: G).

The monarch butterfly is a true marvel of nature. Weighing less than a penny, it makes one of the longest migrations on Earth across a continent to a place it has never known. Follow the monarchs' perilous journey and experience millions of them in the remote mountain peaks of Mexico.

9. Group for free Spanish conversation, cultural exchange, and fun: The Washington DC Spanish Language Meetup Group.

*Students benefit from continuous informal interactions in Spanish (which are available for learners of all levels in the DC area).

10. Web portal: Spain is the official tourism portal in the United States. It offers important information that students need to know before traveling to Spain.

Spanish Now: Meetup Group

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Coordinator of Spanish 2005, 2006
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